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"Brainstorm Session"

Ideas all over the place? Need my help figuring out how to proceed with an idea?

  • 45 minutes
  • 127 US dollars
  • Phone call

Service Description

If any of these questions apply to you, book this "Brainstorm" kall. 1. Do you need someone to talk to that can help you figure out what type of business you can or should start? Like seriously, wanna chat with someone without feeling "dumb, out the loop, or unsure"? 2. Not sure what type of business you want to start? 3. Have too many ideas floating in your head, but not sure which ones to ditch or to pursue? 4. Confused about what route to take? Wondering if you should quit your job?Wondering if you should do what you're passionate about vs. what makes money? 5. Need to bounce ideas off my brain? Need to pick my brain? If so, let's chat! This call will: Provide you clarity on choosing a business idea, understanding the business model and me helping you get out your own way & provide instructions on next steps.

Cancellation Policy

All calls rescheduled will be subject to a fee of $10.00. If you cancel and do not reschedule within 24 hours, you lose your entire booking credit and have to rebook from scratch. All bookings are final. No refunds!

Contact Details

4708 West 103rd Street, Oak Lawn, IL, USA

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